Live life today

I guess this will be my second written blog post of this year and I’ll start with something positive. As if today, I feel that life is good to me. The sun is shining, the music is good and thank the lord for putting the idea of the air-conditioner in peoples minds. 

I am drinking my beer, and I lit-up my cigarette and started to think about life, as many do. I feel real euphoria as it is subjective to peoples surroundings. In my environment, everything is peaceful and the joy of music is thundering through my body.

let’s enjoy this summer together, even though there are people who don’t. There are always moments of joy like this, and it is legit to share this joy with others.

Ciao my followers, and have a great day, or at least to have enjoyed today. No matter if its raining, or if you had a break-up, or someone left this life on earth.

let’s feel the feels of living in a positive way.